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Propeller Fitting Instructions
How to fit your propeller onto a tapered shaft correctly. 1. Check propeller shaft After removing the old propeller check that the shaft taper, key and thread are undamaged. Try the propeller shaft nut on the shaft thread. The shaft taper should be clean and dry. Five minutes with a dial indicator while the shaft is still installed ...

Tapers - charts and how to measure
You can measure the taper bore of a propeller with digital vernier calipers. Measure the small end to the taper inside diameter of propeller - nut end I.D. ( inside diameter) Measure the large end to the taper inside diameter of propeller - front end I.D. ( inside diameter) Measure the overall length of the boss (hub) of propeller Mea ...

Propeller & Propulsion Terminology
Diameter Defined as the maximum radius of one blade multiplied by 2. The diameter of the circle scribed by the blade tips as the propeller rotates. General rules: Diameter usually increases as engine power increases and vice versa. (all other variables remaining constant) Diameter increases for slower bo ...

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