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Our goal is to ensure you have the best propeller correctly sized to match a vessel’s engine, gear and hull for peak performance.

Propeller Pages is an initiative of OLDS Engineering, manufacturers of propellers and propulsion equipment in Australia exporting to the world.

After Serving the Maritime Industry for over 100 years we have formed close associations with other highly respected manufactures around the world who support us to provide the best solutions for you. Therefore you may feel confident the propellers, nozzle systems and associated equipment we offer are the most suited and the finest available anywhere.

Customers have been helped with the smallest outboard motor, the building of a new 4 screw Ferry Vessel, propeller and nozzle systems for ROVs and Tugs, and maximizing Super Yacht performance.

Striving to provide you with the best possible service, we will explore all possibilities to help you maximize performance, within your budget. My grandfather, William Olds who built his first marine engine at 17 years of age, taught us;- "Serving and helping our customers must always be  first. We can only be successful in our business if our customers are successful".

When we can be of assistance do not hesitate to phone me on +61 7 4121 3649 , or send an email with as much detail as possible and please include your phone number so I can call to discuss your needs.

Robert Olds.

Your propeller is one of the most important pieces of equipment because it converts the engines power to propulsion. The right style of propeller correctly matched to your boat makes all the difference and this adds up to lot more satisfaction.

The cost of the propeller is a very small percentage of the total cost of ownership of a boat (often less than 1%) so why compromise. It is very wise to always fit the most suited  propeller for safety.

The best prop for your set up will ultimately save you money (and pay you back if you have a compromise) because it saves fuel and maximizes performance. The best prop is not necessarily the most expensive one on offer. However, generally you only get what you paid for.

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